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The origins of the future. The collection represents our links with tradition – a veritable “treasure chest of memories”, but also has an eye for the future, interpreted as the “realm of the imagination”. It is within the essence of these two souls that we’ve created models which symbolise the present. 

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Roots deeply embedded within an illustrious past, minds firmly focussed on an exciting future. 

Ours is a continual blending of experience and a clear vision of change, grounded in a focus on the present and its fundamental relationship with what was and what will be.

Urban Fit Men's Wear

Not just footwear: enjoy the values of Brixia to the full with our new clothing line. Become ruler of your time: stand out and affirm your personality. Aesthetics is not just a detail – it’s the true essence of who you are.

Famed Italian craftsmanship

The science of beauty and style. The in-depth knowledge of the finest techniques for making quality products drives a uniquely Italian production. Manual skills as a fundamental prerequisite of the creative dimension.

Always striving towards new goals

Brixia embodies all of this: it’s an adventure of the spirit which transcends the quotidian, and seeks to explore the world and champion self expression. It also represents the commitment of our people – a team whose daily work ensures the Brixia brand is a byword for reliability and quality: the blending of innovation with time-honoured traditions.


History and tradition are represented by iconic models of the past designed to rewrite the exciting new chapters of tomorrow.

Completely renewed aesthetics: new colours and superior-quality materials. Expert workmanship that expresses a unique and refined style.

Brixia Shoes

Buy Brixia products online.

Satisfy your desire to step out in style.

Brixia Clothing