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Italian style is renowned the world over for its craftsmanship, tradition, appreciation of beauty and trend-setting designs. A perfect melding of traditional hand-crafting and cutting edge technology, creativity and modern manufacturing processes, and a meticulous eye to the smallest details.

All these characteristics go to encompass everything that’s precious: they nurture the desire to seek, to pursue, and ultimately to create.

Our designs

Elegant lines and forms: a perfect alchemy that yields products that truly epitomise the term “exclusivity”. Our creativity and flair for innovation have combined to create a new concept of style that transcends common imagination and marks a new evolution.

Brixia style today is without equal. Our commitment is to craft footwear models with unique patterns and processes that render them highly distinctive.

Materials selection

The Brixia style centre sources exclusive materials made using cutting-edge technologies.

A new identity that blends style and comfort means using modern materials of the highest quality.

Drawing on our many years of manufacturing heritage, we’ve always placed great stock in advances in materials technology and the profound innovations that ultimately lead to revolutionary breakthroughs in quality.

Our processes

We blend expert craftsmanship with the most advanced production technologies.

The working technique which best exemplifies the Brixia brand and knowledge is the “Ideal” construction method. In this process, the external edges of the upper are prepared and glued onto a midsole, which is then stitched. The cotton thread we use is first fed through a special machine that contains molten pitch, ensuring the thread is completely waterproof.

Our master craftsmen

At Brixia, we’ve been able to draw extensively upon the wisdom our master craftsmen, interpreting their genius loci – the spirit of place – which represents a strong feature of all we do today.

Their knowledge represents our heritage – a heritage that we guard jealously, and which is integral to our history.



Brixia is synonymous with place, with Italy, with beauty.

Established in 1911, the Brixia brand has met the challenges of generational change, whilst maintaining an unwavering pioneering spirit. We’ve always known how to explore the new, and remain committed to taking the “path less travelled” and championing innovation.

The added value of our brand is that we embrace the new, while maintaining respect for time-honoured traditions.

For Brixia, our style is not just a random addition, placed there just to transform. Rather, it’s central to our philosophy of crafting models that acknowledge the value of the past and the importance of the future.